What we do

Working with us is like having an internal
marketing consultant without
the costs of employment.

Square 2: marketing consultancy to the nth degree.

If a strategy to launch your business exists, we know what it’s made of.

Your clothes store is always empty? You sell computers online but never receive a half decent e-mail? Square 2 offers a complete marketing consultancy service for any situation. Working with us is like having an internal consultant without the costs of employment. Square 2 will assist you only for the agreed time frame by suggesting the most appropriate strategies to rocket your business out of this world! The preliminary consultancy to understand your necessities is free: we analyse the situation and formulate the most interesting plan of action. You decide if and when to invest. Get to know how it works!

From planning to project management, from social networks to web development, from online sales to email marketing… Square 2 will assist you as your own internal marketing manager: your company will always have the support of a designated person for market analysis and to organize the work with other professionals and partner agencies. Come to us for immediate discounts, from 30 to 50% on the next SEO projects, web developments, graphics, media campaigns and much more! With Square 2 you can revolutionise your activity, reach new markets, consolidate your presence online, better your communication, increase online sales. All of this knowing that you can count on a marketing manager at your complete disposal. Give us a go, and benefit from all the advantages!


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Square 2 offers marketing consultancies for your business and to your specifications: we like to be quick, competent and flexible. Check out our advantages!

Square 2 is fast, because with us you have immediate answers, reducing wasted time. Square 2 is competent, because for over 15 years we’ve been collaborating with managers and businessmen. Square 2 is low-cost, because outsourcing is much cheaper than having your own marketing department.

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