The on call marketing consultants.

Work in total liberty with Square 2, obligation free!

Now that you know who we are and what advantages we offer, you probably fancy knowing how we work. It’s true, we also sit round a table and drink (too much) coffee. The difference lies in the fact that we, unlike others, work alongside our clients as partners, therefore your goals instantly become ours too. After analysing your necessities, we indicate a convenient solution and the right marketing strategies. All this, always, based on a rigorous marketing research. After a first free feasibility study, we are at your disposal to look after the project as marketing managers on call, or if you prefer upon request, on rental… in other words: whenever you want!

That’s right: With Square 2 you get immediate assistance to promote your business with no long date obligations or contracts. What’s more, one of our strong points is flexibility: our capacity to work in team for the required period, may it be only a month or a week!
Need help for a short-term marketing project? Or maybe just a ‘one-shot’ consultancy? In any case, Square 2 is the answer to your business needs. We’re active in Switzerland and we can count on a vast network of partners in Italy, Spain and United Kingdom. Call us now and book your blue-ribbon marketing consultancy!


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