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Head Quarters Lugano CH

Via Della Posta, 7
6900 | Lugano, Switzerland.
CH: +41 (0)788 221 807
CH 2: +41 (0)79 267 4919

Head Quarters IT

Via Gasparoli, 193 | 21012
Cassano Magnago (VA), Italy.
ITA: +39 0331 3621 57
ITA 2: +39 334 1802 717

Hai Qualche Domanda?

Che cosa offre in concreto Square 2?

Square 2 offre consulenze di marketing in outsourcing, nei tempi e nei modi che più convengono all’impresa.

What does outsourcing mean?

Outsourcing is a new concept of on-call employment: an expert is hired to accomplish specific tasks and only for the time needed.

Who is the target customer?

Our target customers are the small and medium companies that cannot afford or aren’t willing to manage a marketing department and what it entails.

Why is Square 2 convenient?

Square 2 offers many advantages, among which is from a 30% discount on all commissioned projects.

Who works in the Square 2 team?

Our team is formed by a group of consultants with 15 years of work experience in this field. We operate in the international marketing field and have a profound knowledge of the strategic sectors of business promotions.

Square 2 marketing consultancies covers..

Web development strategies, branding, marketing and advertising, SEO, Social networks, market research, planning, project managing, online sales, email marketing and everything that can help promote businesses online and offline.

What happens if I want to use your strategies?

We prepare a quotation with all the details of the project. If the conditions are met, we will contact our partner agencies to start the development.

Who are your partner agencies?

We join forces with 2 of the best web agencies in Switzerland, Italy and United Kingdom. Moreover we co-operate with selected freelance professionists for any extra requests.

In which languages can you give support?

Italian, English, Catalan and Spanish.

Is it true that the first consultancy is free?

Absolutely! Square 2 consultancies are always organized in 2 phases. The first is free, in which the client interfaces with the agency and establishes goals and plans of action. In the following, operative phase, the marketing strategies are defined with relative costs.

What are the strong points of Square 2?

The assurance of saving time and money, the guarantee of working with experienced professionals, the possibility of checking periodically the efficiency of the campaigns and strategies, the benefit of having an external point of view on the business history, the access to a solid and present-day business network.

I need a ‘one-shot’ consultancy, what do I do?

No probs: just contact us and we will find the right type of collaboration for your time frame. Square 2 is able to support clients in big or small projects, even for only a few weeks!

I’m not able to come and speak in person, what do I do?

With Square 2 you won’t have to put a foot out of your office. Our consultants will come to you directly in your company or place of work.

How can I contact you for a marketing consultancy?

You can contact us in office hours by phone or anytime by email:
ITA: +39 0331 2025 90
CH: +41 788 221 807


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