Square2 Suisse - is like having an internal marketing
consultant without the costs of employment
  • Square 2: marketing consultancy to the nth degree.

    If a strategy to launch your business exists, we know what it’s made of.

    Square 2 offers a complete marketing consultancy service for any situation. Working with us is like having an internal consultant without the costs of employment. Square 2 will assist you only for the agreed time frame by suggesting the most appropriate strategies to rocket your business out of this world!

  • Smile. With us promotions and opportunities last all year round!

    Getting more spending less isn't impossible, it's Square 2.

    Square 2 is fast, because with us you have immediate answers, reducing wasted time. Square 2 is competent, because for over 15 years we've been collaborating with managers and businessmen. Square 2 is low-cost, because outsourcing is much cheaper than having your own marketing department.

  • The on call marketing consultants.

    Work in total liberty with Square 2, obligation free!

    The difference lies in the fact that we, unlike others, work alongside our clients as partners, therefore your goals instantly become ours too. After analysing your necessities, we indicate a convenient solution and the right marketing strategies. All this, always, based on a rigorous marketing research.

  • FAQ’S S2S

    What does Square 2 exactly offer?

    Square 2 offers marketing outsourcing advice, following the time-lines and the needs required by the company.

    What does outsourcing mean?

    Outsourcing is a new concept of on-call employment: an expert is hired to accomplish specific tasks and only for the time needed.